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Bruno covering James Brown

Doo-Wops & Hooligans vs. Unorthodox Jukebox: T…


Match 1: Grenade vs. Young Girls

Grenade-Girl, I love you so much I would do anything for you

Young Girls- Girls, I love you all so Imma do you all

Match 2: Just the Way You Are vs. Locked Out of Heaven

Just the Way You Are-I know you don’t think so, but I think you’re beautiful no matter what

Locked Out of Heaven-Girl, you are really good in the sack 

Match 3: Our First Time vs. Gorilla

Our First Time-Just lay it down and Imma do you right, nice and slow

Gorilla- I’m drunk and high so let me cock punch you in the vag

Match 4: Runaway Baby vs. Treasure

Runaway Baby-I told you to run girl because Imma treat you like shit

Treasure-You didn’t run girl, you are my whole world

Match 5: The Lazy Song vs Moonshine

The Lazy Song- I’m not gonna do anything all day except jack off and watch the tube

Moonshine- I’m gonna drink all this alcohol so I don’t have to do anything the next day except jack off and watch the tube

Match 6: Marry You vs When I Was Your Man

Marry You- I’m so drunk I wanna marry you

When I Was Your Man- I’m sorry I fucked up majorly bad

Match 7: Talking to the Moon vs Natalie

Talking to the Moon- I’m sorry, please come back, I miss you

Natalie- Fuck you, Imma kill you when I see you, bitch

Match 8: Liquor Store Blues vs Show Me (I love how both of these are reggae and both number 8 on both albums)

Liquor Store Blues- I’m broke and singing for beer money

Show Me- I know you want to have sex with me, just admit it

Match 9: Count on Me vs Money Make Her Smile


Money Make Her Smile- STRIPPERS!!!! MAKE IT RAIN!!!!

Match 10: The Other Side vs If I Knew

The Other Side- I’m different and dangerous and mysterious. I don’t know if you wanna get involved

If I Knew- I used to be a bad boy and did some horrible things but if I knew I would fall in love with you, I would take it all back and do it over again

I laughed so hard, this was great. 😂😂😂

xxivk2453: 33 🎉🍰🎂🍨🎈🍦🍧🎁🎈🍰🎂🍰🍨😗



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Happy Birthday Bruno Mars I love you so freakin much 🍰🎂🎈🍦🍧🍨🍭🎁🎉😚😗

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Bruno Mars at Gala 2012

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Beyonce and Rihanna dancing during the performance of Bruno Mars