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meandbrunomars: BRUNO BLID (Found this joke f…


BRUNO BLID (Found this joke funny, Brown in norwegian is Brun, and it’s this tanning place called Bruno og Blid…there for Bruno blid… yes…no? Ok lest start the translation)

From Hawaii to Hollywood. The gold-throat Bruno Mars has taken the music world by storm. Vi met the heartthrob in Stockholm.

Come in, screams an eagerly Bruno Mars from his gigantic suite in Lyndmar hotel in Stockhom. The 27-yearold is on visit in the Swedish capital to promote his new album, and is in a wonderful good mood. The little man with the big voice are impeccably dressed in rust-red trousers, a brown tweed jacket and black hat. According to different websites Bruno is 165cm tall – he looks suspiciously much lower than that.

-Coffee? asks Bruno, and fill himself a cup, before he throw himself down at the couch. Where there lies a stack of Topp-magazines. 
– Why aren’t i on the cover? Asks Bruno while giving me a seriously look while he takes a sip of his coffee.
Because you’re a boy. We usually have girls on the cover. I answer carefully.
– I can put on a wig, Bruno laughs and scroll curious through the magazine.

Have you ever been in Norway?
– Yeah, i’ve been in Copenhagen once!
Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not in Norway. Thats in Denmark.
– Hahaha, really? I feel like i’ve been to Norway, but maybe i’m wrong. So then i have to answer no.

But we know your planning your tour – maybe you will come visit us then?
YES! Of cours. I wanna go to norway!

Wanted to be like Elvis
In the recent years Bruno’s songs have plundered charts-lists domestic and foreign. But even tough he’s a relatively new name on the star-heaven, he’s no newbie in the industry.
– I can’t even remember the first time i was on a stage, tells Bruno, and reminisces back to his childhood in Hawaii. Where he was a star in his fathers show on a local hotel, and he enjoyed the spotlight form the very first second.
– To be honest i don’t remember so much about it. But i do remember i loved the microphone, and to hear my own voice fill the room over the speakers, Bruno explains eagerly.

I got some photos from your childhood with me, and wondered if we could take a look together? 
-Wow! Look at him! Exclaims Bruno and picks up the child-photos.

You looked like a pretty cool dude already back then –  do you remember a lot about it?
– I was obsessed with Elvis and doo-wop music! I loved watching videos of Elvis. I saw all the girls screaming for him and thought ” i want that” Bruno laughs.

Who made the costumes you used on stage? 

Is it still her who dress you up?
– Ha ha. No, unfortunately. But i wish it was. I looked so much more awesome at that time!

Did you ever miss a “normal”childhood?
– For me, this is normal. If my parents didn’t put me on stage, i got devastated.

What do you thing when you’re on stage, do you ever get nervous?
– I’ve been on the stage my whole life, so i’m actually more comfortable preforming than i am with anything else. 

If you could choose, do you prefer a large or small crowd?
– I find just as much joy in both. There is something special about hearing thousands of screaming fans. But also something special about when you get to make eye-contact with people in a small crowd.

Creative by night
While weekends and nights was spent in his fathers show, Bruno still had to spend the week at school like everyone else.
– School wasn’t exactly my thing. says Bruno, who also admits  he had a hard time keeping his concentration up.

What was your favorite class?
 – I took a class called oral interpretation, much like drama. I took it cause it was my favorite teacher that had the class. I though it could be a subject i could easily get a good grade in. But i didn’t know the whole subject was based on using the whole year making an act, that you were gonna play out at the end of the school year.

And that is not what you wanted?
–  He he, that meant that you had to show up to all the classes all the time. And my teacher had an good eye on me…

 When are you most creative?
– When I’m as free as possible 

That is when?
– You never know! But maybe most at night. 

When you write music, what comes first to you – the lyric or the music?
– Both actually, everything can happen when you write music. It could be that I’m humming a tune, or that i say something, and i think “wow, that was a cool phrase”

What about “young girls” as an example. Where did you write it?
– I wrote that song in New York. You often uses music as therapy. And on this album I really feel that I have been in touch with myself and really used personal stuff used in the lyrics.

You travel a lot – what do you have to bring?
– A warm jacket and my watch. 

If you could just jump on a plain and travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
– Hmmmm… i think Bora Bora!

Not Norway?
 Yes of course Norway! Does it snow there? Can you go skiing? I’ve never seen that in real life, i’m from Hawaii you know!

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Incredible talented child Thanks for the video @hooligan.eve ❤️

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Little Elvis! 💕💕





Can we just take the time to appreciate this wonderful work of art sculpted by Gods hands

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