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katrbr53: #TBT when @BrunoMars and The Hoolig…


#TBT when @BrunoMars and The Hooligans were at the Apollo



Bruno in Harlem

Bruno in Harlem

Bruno in Harlem

Bruno in Harlem

nerdmars: Bruno’s TV Special: "24kmagic …


Bruno’s TV Special: "24kmagic Live at the Apollo”  Comes on Wednesday, November 29th on CBS! Repost@brunz_hooligans

Bruno’s TV Special: "24kmagic Live at the…

Bruno’s TV Special: "24kmagic Live at the Apollo”  Comes on Wednesday, November 29th on CBS! Repost@brunz_hooligans

Feeling the music in his bones, Mars readies 1…

Feeling the music in his bones, Mars readies 1st TV special:

When Bruno Mars hit the stage for his first TV special, he could feel the music — in his bones and his veins — and it shows.

Mars’ energetic and slick dance moves and smooth vocals are at the forefront of “BRUNO MARS: 24K MAGIC LIVE AT THE APOLLO,” which debuts Wednesday on CBS at 10 p.m. Eastern. He recorded the special at the Apollo Theater in New York’s Harlem, performing the majority of his third album, “24K Magic.”

“You got to perform it a few times to get it in your bones, to get it right, to work out all the kinks … it’s never going to be right the first time to do it,” Mars said in a phone interview from South America, where he is on tour. “By the time we got to film at the Apollo, we were already a well-oiled machine.”

“People are going to get the best that I got,” he added.

Mars said he chose to film the one-hour special at the Apollo — which he calls “a magical place” — because of the venue’s rich history in music and pop culture.

“I remember growing up watching ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ before ‘X Factor’ and ‘American Idol’ — that was the singing competition show. It was pretty cut-throat. Either you got it and they would cheer you on, or you don’t and they’ll boo you off the stage,” he said. “And that’s just Entertainment 101, and you feel that when you get into that theater. This is where it all begins it feels like.”

Mars performed the song “24K Magic” on top of the Apollo marquee in the special. He also filmed various scenes throughout New York City, from eating at hot spots to meeting his fans: “The coolest part about that was the locals in Harlem, holding their arms out for you, (saying), ‘Yo Bruno, welcome to Harlem.’”

The last year for the 32-year-old has continued to push him to superstardom: “24K Magic” reached double platinum status, while the song “That’s What I Like” hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s the year’s top R&B song.

This month he won five Soul Train Awards and seven American Music Awards, including artist of the year. Mars picked up video of the year at the BET Awards, shared with Beyonce, and won his fifth Grammy Award earlier this year.

“Awards show — I don’t know where it’s going to swing,” he said. “It’s awesome … I feel like people understand what I’m doing and what I’m trying to do and what I stand for when it comes to everything — the music, the videos, I work hard for this (expletive).”

Mars said as he reflects a year after releasing the album that he feels good about the work he put in to create the ’90s R&B-inspired album.

“You can go crazy in the studio (and) start second- guessing,” he said. “’That’s What I Like’ — I’m listening to it for over a year to make sure it’s all right and then we put it out and luckily it did what it did. It just confirms that I’m not crazy, maybe. It’s just nice that the work I put in the studio, it translated and I just got to remember that going into the next project.”

Bruno Mars Reveals 24K Magic Live at the Apoll…

Bruno Mars Reveals 24K Magic Live at the Apollo Inspiration:

Bruno Mars is getting ready to premiere his TV special.

The 32-year-old singer’s 24K Magic Live at the Apollo is set to air on Nov. 29, but before it premieres, Mars is dishing exclusively to E! News about what we can expect from the TV event.

“You are about to see this album completely come to life in a magical setting like the Apollo Theater,” he tells us. “You will see me and my band, having the time of our lives, inviting everyone to Harlem to our party. Hopefully, the viewers are going to feel like they are right there with us.”

And Mars explains that this show will be more intimate compared to a concert setting.

“Well I have been fortunate and lucky to have been able to play all over the world,” he says. “A place that has been on my bucket list forever has been the Apollo Theater. It would have been much easier for us to throw some cameras up at one of these shows on tour, you know, and collect a few-I could have picked the best performances from each city, but I don’t know. That didn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

He continues, “As far as, this is going to be on TV, what can we do to make it different and special? For me personally, just walking into the building at the Apollo for the first time in my life was already special for me. Trying to figure out how we take our show and put it in that setting, that was a challenge. We downsized it and made it more of an intimate show. It was one of the best, definitely the best reaction from the audience that we have ever got in our eyes.”

Mars was inspired to play at the Apollo Theater from a young age.

“Some of my favorite artists in the world have played at the Apollo,” he shares. “I grew up watching artists there with my family. Before American Idol and X Factor, The Voice and all these things and competitions, there was Showtime at the Apollo. It was very cut throat and it’s kind of a model that I live by and stand by with my band. You get up on that stage, you give it to them and if you do it right, they are going to stand and cheer. If they don’t, then they will let you know. That mentality is kind of my forever mentality and when you get up on that stage, you get ready to blow someone away.”

So does he have a favorite song to perform?

“They are all different,” he says. “There are only nine songs on the album and I wanted to give different tempos, different feelings and emotions. I wanted each song to tell a different story. Hopefully, you feel that when you watch it.”
And it sounds like this project is his main focus at the moment, as he tells us he’s not currently working on any new music.

“Absolutely not,” he shares. “No. I am enjoying my time. I’ve worked so hard on this album. I went crazy in the studio. The fact that people are dancing and showing up to the shows, and I’m getting opportunities to do TV specials, this is like the victory lap for me. Confirms that I am not crazy. All that work that I put into the studio was well worth it. I’m going to enjoy this for a little while and then hopefully will get back into the studio again.”

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Bruno Mars Live at the Apollo! Promotional Picture (Edits) — 2017