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Happy 34th Birthday to my babi, Bruno Mars! May his music blast our ears off in our appreciation to him! Love you Hooligan! 😘🎉💙🎂🎊


Today is your Birthday Bruno, and I am more than happy to celebrate a man like you that has brought so much joy to myself and millions of others. Bruno, you are a huge light in my life that glows forever. You inspire me to go after my dreams, you make me believe that anything is possible, your smile has healing powers and your music cures depression. You are an angel in my eyes and I thank God for you. Your infectious laughter and charismatic personality has brought me so much happiness. Your work ethic is unmatched, you bring so much fire, love and passion to every song you perform on stage. A legend in the making, truly changing the game and a King in every sense of the word. I love you so much Bruno, you’re important, you’re appreciated and I wish you a very happy Birthday and many more to come. ❤️ @brunomars

My Birthday post from last year! 😊💕