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Ed Sheeran’s new album No. 6 Collaborations features “Blow,” a rock song he did with Bruno Mars and country star Chris Stapleton. While Ed says he and Bruno had “massive” arguments while working on the song, he’s still blown away by the “Uptown Funk” singer’s tremendous musical talent.

“I met Bruno in 2010. I opened up for at [the] iTunes Festival in 2011,” says Ed in the in-depth video interview he did to promote his new album. “And then, we just hung out. I went and guested with him a couple of times on tour. We’ve had nights out together.”

“He’s just a talented writer and he’s so musically talented,” says Ed. “He played every instrument on [‘Blow’].  Played the drums, played the bass, played the guitar. He’s like, different level in the studio.”

But Ed also reveals that while they were working on the song and would disagree, Bruno never stopped reminding him just which one of them had sold more records.

“The amount of arguments….” Ed laughs. “I think at the time, he had two diamond singles…and I had one. And he was just like, ‘But I’ve got two diamond singles!’ And there’d be kind of like back and forth like that.”

Diamond singles are songs that have been certified for sales of at least 10 million units.  Bruno’s are “Just the Way You Are” and “Uptown Funk.”  But as Ed notes, Bruno didn’t have the upper hand for long.

“Then the next time I went in [the studio] with him, I’d got[ten] two as well!” laughs Ed. “So we kinda had a battle on that front!”

Ed’s two diamond singles are “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud.”




Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited has acquired a music catalog from Ari Levine, the multi-Grammy nominated songwriter and producer, best known for his work as a member of the three-piece writing and producing group The Smeezingtons (alongside Bruno Mars and Philip Lawrence).

Ari Levine has achieved 99 No.1, 256 Top 5 and 361 Top 10 chart positions globally with numerous artists including Bruno Mars, Ce Lo Green, Diplo and Mark Ronson.

Hipgnosis has acquired 100% of Levine’s copyright ownership in his catalog, which comprises 76 songs in total, including 100% of his writer share of performance income collected and distributed by the Performance Rights Organization GMR (Global Music Rights).

Levine has co-written hits, including ‘F**k You’ by Cee Lo Green, ‘Just The Way You Are’, ‘Grenade’, ‘When I Was You Man’ and ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars, ‘Billionaire’ by Travie McCoy, ‘Nothin’ On You’ by B.o.B. and ‘One Day’ by Matisyahu.

Whilst Levine has won numerous ASCAP Awards, The Smeezingtons have also been nominated twice for the ‘Producer of the Year’ Grammy Award, and ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’, by Bruno Mars, was nominated for both ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Merck Mercuriadis, Founder of The Family (Music) Limited and Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, said: “Ari is one of the most important writers and producers of the new pop era.

“Having co-written and produced the entirety of the seminal first two Bruno Mars albums, which include four Number 1 singles in ‘Just The Way You Are’, ‘Grenade’, ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ and ‘When I Was Your Man’, as well as the Number 1 single ‘F**k You’ for Cee Lo Green, Ari’s work has resulted in some of the most highly regarded and enduring songs of the last 10 years.

“He has everyone’s respect and I’m delighted to welcome him to the Hipgnosis family.”

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EXCLUSIVE: I’m told superstar Bruno Mars will be performing at the Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas wedding on June 28th and 29th in Carpentras, Provence, France.

Of course, the Jonas Brothers will also be on the bill. And more names should be showing up from the guest list, now said to be at least 200 people.

I already told you EXCLUSIVELY the date and location of the wedding. I also told you Vogue magazine has the exclusive rights, and will run the story and pix in their September issue.  Right now Sophie is on the cover of Chinese Vogue, but that’s just a warm up.

All of this excitement about the wedding should be a salve to Sophie as her movie, “Dark Phoenix,” is not doing well at the box office.

For Joe Jonas, he must be on top of the world. The Jonas brothers album is top 5, they have two or three singles on the radio, and a hot ticket tour.

Meantime, I am also hearing that “Game of Thrones” fans are swamping the very bucolic area around Carpentras, taking whatever hotel rooms are left. This has the potential to be very weird, but it’s great for the town. The hotels and restaurants will be bulging with business between the fans and the guests!



Ed Sheeran is gearing up to unleash his No. 6 Collaborations Project, 15 tracks where the Brit will team up with the artists he’s long been a fan of. Ahead of the effort’s July 12 release, Sheeran sat down for an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God at his house in Suffolk to discuss his love for collaborating, and what to expect from the project.  

“With this record, I kind of want to put it out, and then run from it. I don’t see it as the next stage of my career, it’s just something I made and I want to put out,” the “Shape of You” singer explained of the project’s origin. “For me, this is a compilation album of artists that I’m a fan of.”

CTG then poked fun at Sheeran by saying that if a particular artist didn’t make the cut here, then he wasn’t really a fan of them. “It was all very, very natural,” Sheeran responded. “The last thing I wanted to do was kind of have the label be like, ‘You need to work with this person.’ My rule for it was if I have it and I play it in my car, I’m working with them. There’s lots of artists that are huge and I could’ve worked with, which would’ve made no sense to me.”

The 28-year-old drew on an unlikely source of inspiration in Christina Aguilera’s girl power “Lady Marmalade” megacollab that led to him working with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. “This project actually started with one idea I had. You remember ‘Lady Marmalade?’ I had an idea of doing that,” he shared. “I was like, “Oh, you can get Bruno, Bieber, and me on a record. How fun would that be?’ The first person I rung was Bruno. He was just like, ‘Let’s just do a song. Just us.’”

Watch the entire interview below. No. 6 Collaborations Project releases July 12.

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Bruno Mars heads home to hold private concert at Grand Wailea on Maui:

HONOLULU – Hawaii’s own Grammy Award-winning artist Bruno Mars, headed home for a special event only a few got to experience.

Mars held a private concert at the Grand Wailea on Maui Wednesday night. It was for a worldwide sale group, SAP, that comes to Hawaii every year.

The show was the beach, so plenty of locals showed up to listen to his tunes from the shoreline



On Wednesday (Nov. 29), Bruno Mars will toast to the success of his double platinum album 24K Magic (which garnered six nominations for the 2018 Grammy Awards) and its tour by the same name with his very first TV special. Aptly titled 24K Magic Live at the Apollo, the hour-long primetime event is set to feature the world renowned act and his band the Hooligans powering through a catalog of hits at the iconic Harlem venue. If you didn’t catch Mars on tour—and even if you did—this will be must-see TV of an artist securing his legacy in the pop world.

Complex hopped on the phone with Bruno Mars while he was out in Brazil, who shared why now was the right time for his own TV special and what fans can expect when they catch it tomorrow night (10 p.m. ET) on CBS.

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Throwback interview 💕


BRUNO BLID (Found this joke funny, Brown in norwegian is Brun, and it’s this tanning place called Bruno og Blid…there for Bruno blid… yes…no? Ok lest start the translation)

From Hawaii to Hollywood. The gold-throat Bruno Mars has taken the music world by storm. Vi met the heartthrob in Stockholm.

Come in, screams an eagerly Bruno Mars from his gigantic suite in Lyndmar hotel in Stockhom. The 27-yearold is on visit in the Swedish capital to promote his new album, and is in a wonderful good mood. The little man with the big voice are impeccably dressed in rust-red trousers, a brown tweed jacket and black hat. According to different websites Bruno is 165cm tall – he looks suspiciously much lower than that.

-Coffee? asks Bruno, and fill himself a cup, before he throw himself down at the couch. Where there lies a stack of Topp-magazines. 
– Why aren’t i on the cover? Asks Bruno while giving me a seriously look while he takes a sip of his coffee.
Because you’re a boy. We usually have girls on the cover. I answer carefully.
– I can put on a wig, Bruno laughs and scroll curious through the magazine.

Have you ever been in Norway?
– Yeah, i’ve been in Copenhagen once!
Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not in Norway. Thats in Denmark.
– Hahaha, really? I feel like i’ve been to Norway, but maybe i’m wrong. So then i have to answer no.

But we know your planning your tour – maybe you will come visit us then?
YES! Of cours. I wanna go to norway!

Wanted to be like Elvis
In the recent years Bruno’s songs have plundered charts-lists domestic and foreign. But even tough he’s a relatively new name on the star-heaven, he’s no newbie in the industry.
– I can’t even remember the first time i was on a stage, tells Bruno, and reminisces back to his childhood in Hawaii. Where he was a star in his fathers show on a local hotel, and he enjoyed the spotlight form the very first second.
– To be honest i don’t remember so much about it. But i do remember i loved the microphone, and to hear my own voice fill the room over the speakers, Bruno explains eagerly.

I got some photos from your childhood with me, and wondered if we could take a look together? 
-Wow! Look at him! Exclaims Bruno and picks up the child-photos.

You looked like a pretty cool dude already back then –  do you remember a lot about it?
– I was obsessed with Elvis and doo-wop music! I loved watching videos of Elvis. I saw all the girls screaming for him and thought ” i want that” Bruno laughs.

Who made the costumes you used on stage? 

Is it still her who dress you up?
– Ha ha. No, unfortunately. But i wish it was. I looked so much more awesome at that time!

Did you ever miss a “normal”childhood?
– For me, this is normal. If my parents didn’t put me on stage, i got devastated.

What do you thing when you’re on stage, do you ever get nervous?
– I’ve been on the stage my whole life, so i’m actually more comfortable preforming than i am with anything else. 

If you could choose, do you prefer a large or small crowd?
– I find just as much joy in both. There is something special about hearing thousands of screaming fans. But also something special about when you get to make eye-contact with people in a small crowd.

Creative by night
While weekends and nights was spent in his fathers show, Bruno still had to spend the week at school like everyone else.
– School wasn’t exactly my thing. says Bruno, who also admits  he had a hard time keeping his concentration up.

What was your favorite class?
 – I took a class called oral interpretation, much like drama. I took it cause it was my favorite teacher that had the class. I though it could be a subject i could easily get a good grade in. But i didn’t know the whole subject was based on using the whole year making an act, that you were gonna play out at the end of the school year.

And that is not what you wanted?
–  He he, that meant that you had to show up to all the classes all the time. And my teacher had an good eye on me…

 When are you most creative?
– When I’m as free as possible 

That is when?
– You never know! But maybe most at night. 

When you write music, what comes first to you – the lyric or the music?
– Both actually, everything can happen when you write music. It could be that I’m humming a tune, or that i say something, and i think “wow, that was a cool phrase”

What about “young girls” as an example. Where did you write it?
– I wrote that song in New York. You often uses music as therapy. And on this album I really feel that I have been in touch with myself and really used personal stuff used in the lyrics.

You travel a lot – what do you have to bring?
– A warm jacket and my watch. 

If you could just jump on a plain and travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
– Hmmmm… i think Bora Bora!

Not Norway?
 Yes of course Norway! Does it snow there? Can you go skiing? I’ve never seen that in real life, i’m from Hawaii you know!

Throwback interview! 💕

Peter Gene Hernandez wowed the universe before he was Bruno Mars:

He’s a Grammy award winning, record selling entertainment king that has dominated music charts for years. But for many of Bruno Mars’ fans in Hawaii, his days on stage captivated fans long before he even mastered his ABCs.

His father says the aspiring entertainer started performing at the age of 2. His dance moves in Waikiki showrooms eventually launched him onto a national stage.

Mars’ hunger and dedication on stage never burned out. His talent was well known at his Alma mater, Roosevelt High School.

Even attracting attention from school faculty. Cary Kano was his PE teacher, he recalls his humble heart.

“So much pride. Proud he was just such a nice person to begin with so I’m very happy for him because of the way he was in high school treating people with respect, always trying to get people involved and couldn’t happen to a better person,” Kano said.

After Mars left Hawaii, fame didn’t arrive immediately but when it did, it hit big!

In January, he took home 7 Grammy awards. KITV4 spoke with his father in Kaimuki about the superstar’s big win and his never ending love for Hawaii.

For many who knew him before reeling in world wide success, they carry nothing more than pure pride.  

“Just keep it up, we are proud of you. Roughrider country all the way and you won’t beat me in basketball yet,” Kano said.

His teacher recalling a big game at Roosevelt where Mars’ team couldn’t out win their teachers.

He may not be a master of hoops but is certainly a master of pop with the fans to prove it…

Local boy, local roots, returning home to Hawaii.

Restaurants near Aloha Stadium preparing for tens of thousands of expected Bruno Mars concertgoers:

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Electronic traffic signs posted on roadways around Aloha Stadium flash the warning: “Traffic Alert, Bruno Mars concerts.”  

With an estimated 36,000 concert-goers for each of Bruno’s 3 nights, parking is expected to be pretty tight.

The neighborhood directly across from the stadium have already taken measures. Some homeowners have put cones on the streets in front of their homes.

“I expect everyone to cone off the front of their house and maybe park their cars to save parking for relatives and family,” said Halawa Valley Resident Nalu Enos.

There are multiple alternate parking sites for the concert, like Stadium Marketplace Shopping Center which once housed Kmart.

Radford High School is another official parking spot for Bruno Mars concert-goers. The school is canceling after-school activities tomorrow in anticipation of a full parking lot.  

Though traffic may be a pain, local businesses around the Stadium say the rush of potential new customers is thrilling.

“This is a superstar coming to Hawaii, once in a lifetime. Especially with 36,000 people coming. It’s going to be way different than a UH game,” said Stadium Camellia Restaurant manager Chris Kim.

The Korean buffet at the Stadium Mall Shopping Center says reservations on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are filling up.

“We noticed everyone is making reservations at 5 p.m., they want to enjoy dinner and drinks, have some fun, and go to the concert after,” explained Kim.  

They’re also expecting big crowds at Restaurant 604 by Pearl Harbor Visitors Center,

“We sat down and we all thought: everybody get ready. This is going to be it. We’re all hands on deck for this. Everybody is coming in, we are fully staffed. We’re ready to rock. This is our Superbowl, as our boss would say. It’s our Superbowl!” said Restaurant 604 manager Rickey Bailey.

They’re not taking reservations on the nights Bruno Mars will be performing, but they are offering a free shuttle for restaurant-goers to and from Aloha Stadium.

“We figured that’s the least we can do, offer a free shuttle going back and forth,” said Bailey.

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