Bruno Mars’ Best Tribute Performances


Now everyone knows how much of a talented musician and consummate performer that Bruno Mars is. There’s no need to reiterate that. He has numerous hits and Grammys to show that. But I would like to highlight how diverse Bruno Mars is when it comes to the songs he performs. He can tackle any genre of music, whether it’s pop, R&B, funk, rock and reggae, and absolutely kill it. He can also cover other artists’ songs and do them justice. Here are a few examples of Bruno Mars’ best tributes.

Amy Winehouse

The first tribute on here is Bruno’s tribute to Amy Winehouse at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. The 2011 VMAs were a memorable one, where Beyonce revealed that she was pregnant after finishing her performance, Britney Spears receiving the Video Vanguard Award, Kanye and Jay Z performing Watch the Throne era songs, Lady Gaga dressed as that male alter-ego, and Tyler, the Creator winning Best New Artist amongst other events. Amy tragically passed away a month prior to the 2011 VMAs so her death was still fresh and people were still mourning her. So it was Bruno who was put to the task of performing a tribute to her. He covered Mark Ronson’s and Amy’s song Valerie. Bruno and his backing band them were decked out in their best dapper, doo-wop look. Full with horns, saxophones and trumpets, Bruno’s performance captured the essence of the jazz and soul genres that Amy perfected. In my opinion, the best part of the performance was the break down in the middle part of the performance where Bruno and his backing band stripped out the instruments and they were just singing and snapping their fingers. Those barbershop quartet harmonies were on point and Bruno delivered strong vocals as usual. Along with his synchronized dancing, Bruno delivered a performance that truly honored the late, great Amy Winehouse.


The second tribute here is Bruno’s tribute to Sting. His performance was a part of the Kennedy Center Honors where Sting was being honored. Bruno was amongst other musicians who honored Sting, such as Lady Gaga and Bruce Springsteen. For his performance, Bruno covered So Lonely and Message in a Bottle by The Police. He effortlessly matched Sting’s distinctive vocals. Since The Police and Sting always infused a bit of reggae into their music, here we have Bruno covering songs from that genre. It just shows his full range and diversity of covering various genres of music. Overall, it was a great tribute to Sting.


Following Prince’s unexpected death in 2016, the 2017 Grammys were a show to watch. After a year where other well known musicians passed away, a Prince tribute was expected to be held at the Grammys. It’s here that Bruno Mars covered Let’s Go Crazy, the opening track off of Prince’s masterpiece Purple Rain. With Bruno dressed in that purple suit, playing Prince’s white cloud guitar and dancing, you could imagine that Prince himself was there. It was an outstanding rendition of the song and even Bruno was shredding on the guitar at the end just like in the outro of the song. He definitely did Prince justice for his tribute.