I depend on the internet for many things.





-Keeping in touch with family

and so so so many other things. but most importantly, I depend on the internet for my education. Not only am I a student who is online schooled, I am at the age where I’m preparing for college. I am worried about the future for many young students that depend on the internet for their education. College is already unaffordable as it is, but everything revolves around the internet these days. Internet providers slowing down your internet just because you can’t afford their insanely high prices could put your entire future in jeopardy. As an online learner, most websites I use for school are completely free, but going against net neutrality would jack up prices for businesses, along with the already expensive internet. this could mean online learning tools could go completely out of business from a lack of use.

This is just hardly grazing the topic of Net Neutrality. So many things would be ruined if we didn’t have net neutrality.

🛑 Here’s what you can do to help 🛑

– you do not need to be 18 to help!! any age will help!!!!- -get in contact with your rep. it gives you a script of what to say on a phone call to them. -same thing as the link above, except in an email/text-post form -phone call again with a simple script -text/email which then gets sent to your rep and supports net neutrality

Fax number for the FCC- 1-866-418-0232

all links above credited to user @disasterpenguin , a great blog loaded with information about net neutrality.

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